How To Find The Right University for YOU!

We have many families ask, "Now that we know what our young adult is going to major in, how do we determine which university to attend?" There are many wonderful Independent Educational Consultants out there and we have recommendations if you need one, however, there are two websites that help you narrow down what universities match YOU! Input your criteria and a list of universities will be narrowed down for you. Remember, I believe firmly you should only apply to schools you have visited. You don't truly know how you feel about a place until you step foot on it, making informed decisions. College View College Navigator

What I Learned About College Admission Testing & Enrollment at the IECA Conference

Last month I attended the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) conference in Houston. Now, why would I go if I’m not an Educational Consultant? Because I wanted to hear from both the individuals who are passionate about getting their clients into their dream schools and the admission directors from some of the most sought-after universities. What I learned is I have great respect for both parties and am so thankful my passion is helping young adults find their careers and not their colleges. The day and a half event focused on helping both parties to understand how young adults can be serviced in the best possible way. The “game” has become so complicated, which is why

The Foolproof Way to Order Extracurricular Activities on Your College Application

We continue to believe information is power. The more you know the better you will do in the craziness of applying to college. Most parents have been exposed to Sara Harberson, American's College Counselor. She has an approachability to her that resonates with many families. I highly recommend you follow her on Facebook because she does some great Facebook lives. One piece she wrote I felt would be helpful for my young adults as they try to determine how to be strategic about their extracurricular involvement. She provides a very specific way to determine which ones come first and how to make them shine. Check out her article here.

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