Why Service and Abroad Experiences Matter to Colleges

I started my career in the university environment almost 30 years ago. In that time, dramatic shifts have occurred for our young adults regarding the admission process. “What college should I attend?” “What matters to universities THIS year?” “Should I take all AP classes?” “Should I start a nonprofit?” The bottom line is how will our young adults make themselves stand out and express their uniqueness? Anyone who has worked with me or has heard me speak in public knows the #1 thing I’m most passionate about is flipping the conversation on how to decide on next steps after high school. In our society, we select the university first, the major second, then the career. Why do we do this?

Am I REALLY Ready for a Change?

A philosophy in counseling states that until a person’s pain becomes great enough, only then will a change occur. Pain does make us stop walking when our knee hurts too much. A pain in our back makes us lay down and rest. Being in a job where we are miserable makes us search for a new beginning. But are you really ready for what comes next? In the spirit of honesty, I’ve been there. I’ve loved 90% of my careers but I’ve had the one where I literally did not want to get out of bed. The thought of spending 9 hours in an environment that was not a good fit pushed me to make a change but only after the pain grew to where I couldn’t bear it. Let’s just say, my hubby was very supportive, an

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