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Reeder Consulting Highlighted by NAWBO

In February, Reeder Consulting was selected to be highlighted by the National Association of Women Business Owners on their national website. Founded in 1975, NAWBO is the unified voice of over 10.1 million women-owned businesses in the United States representing the fastest growing segment of the economy.

Read Dana's story about how she found her path on their website or below.

I had my first business when I was in the 4th-grade coordinating neighborhood kids to produce Broadway shows, charging other kids .05 cents to attend….and they paid! It was the first taste of creating something from the ground up and experiencing success. Being an entrepreneur was always in my blood as I grew up in a family-owned business. I learned a strong work ethic at a very young age and I learned how important it was to

have a true passion for what you do. Although both were incredible experiences, that doesn’t compare to creating my company that works to give confidence to individuals as they begin the career journey.

After moving to San Antonio, Texas from Europe six years ago, I realized there was no formal career exploration occurring in schools, as I watched my 8th-grade daughter being asked to pick a career track for high school. All career decisions were based on “interest,” which isn’t an indication that a young adult can perform in that career choice. Interest does not stabilize until 25 years of age. While my “interest” in theater arts was strong as a 4th grader, I’m not on Broadway, although, and for the record, theater arts still are my main interest!

Three years ago, I created Reeder Consulting: College & Career Paths to work with high school students and adults in answering the stressful question of “What Am I Going to do With My Life?” I did this through aptitude testing which is based on how the brain processes information as it relates to being successful in a specific career, as well as other well-respected career counseling instruments. The magic, however, is the in-depth conversations with the young adult as well as their parents by a trained professional. My first job at 21 was at a university in student development, obtaining my master’s degree in guidance and counseling. I later went to work for a corporate testing company where I served as the GED international administrator for students obtaining their HS diploma overseas as well as working with all universities who had secure testing requirements. My passion has always been about educating and empowering young adults to gain confidence in who they are. Reeder Consulting serves clients all over the US through Skype session allowing us to work with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

I’m honored to have a voice on numerous advisory boards because my passion is to continue to champion the power of formal career exploration which I know is the missing link, especially for our first-generation students. Whether a young adult is college bound or wants short-term, hands-on learning experiences, there is a career path for each person. With the outrageous cost of higher education and the highest rate of youth suicide in our history, we must change how we assist young adults in determining what is right for them and this is my mission.

Career exploration isn’t just for young adults but for individuals experiencing transitional phases in life such as divorces, work reentry, or career frustration. Reeder Consulting is a full-service career counseling company helping individuals identify their natural gifts, facilitating meaningful dialog and helping our clients to Proceed with Confidence.

Reeder Consulting is honored to be part of NAWBO, surrounded by women who empower, promote and encourage one another in the success of their career paths.

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