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TEXAS ADVANCE COMMITMENT: Texas students with family incomes of up to $100,000 will receive guarant

Expanding on UT Austin’s long-standing commitment to reducing student debt and making a UT Austin education possible for Texans from low- and middle-income families, the university will now ensure that all new, incoming freshmen with family adjusted gross incomes (AGI) of up to $100,000, and who have financial need, will receive guaranteed need-based aid through the Texas Advance Commitment.

Eligible students with a family AGI of up to $30,000 will receive enough aid to completely cover their tuition costs.

The Texas Advance Commitment ensures college access and upward mobility for promising students across the state. This commitment supports student success and timely graduation, as the awards are renewable for the four years of a student’s UT Austin education.

Awards leverage state and federal funds as well as university funds. UT Austin has increased financial aid over the past five years, and the Texas Advance Commitment adds an additional $5 million a year.

Learn more here.

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