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Cracking The College Admission Code- FREE Virtual Summit

I am honored and thrilled to announce that I will be a guest speaker at the “Cracking the College Admission Code Virtual Summit”, hosted by Education Prep Centers. Take advantage of your FREE ALL ACCESS PASS by clicking this link below. Here are a few of the topics speakers will be covering:

● Know the college timeline ● Choosing a career and your major ● Creating a resume that will grab the attention of college admission ● Creating the personal Statement and other Essays ● What to Expect during the Interview ● How to get those Scholarships ● The FASFA and paying for college ● Test Prep- ACT/SAT ● Standardized test and LD/ADHD ● Leaving the nest- what’s next ● Summer programs and gap years And many more.

Register for this FREE Summit to be held on January 21st!

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