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Gap Year: The School of The New York Times

Gap Year is a program for ambitious high school graduates seeking a transformative intellectual adventure in New York City.

Gap Year is ideal for students who are deferring college enrollment, taking time off between life stages, or simply seeking an intellectual adventure as they consider future educational and professional plans. Students are mentored by Times experts—some of the world’s greatest thinkers on topics ranging from politics, culture, business, technology, and more. This semester-long program gives students the opportunity to explore their passions and grapple with complex subjects while sharpening important life skills such as effective communication, critical thinking, information literacy, leadership, and ethics. As a school, they embrace three “Timesian” traits that are fundamental to the ethos of The New York Times: exploring the world with passion and curiosity; analyzing topics and events rigorously through unbiased eyes; and adhering to strong ethics, authenticity of character and the idea that transparency in sharing ideas and information is the foundation of good citizenship. In their Gap Year program, these traits are infused throughout the semester-long experience—from the courses they offer to the networking opportunities provided.

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