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Are We Killing Our Teens With Achievement? Podcast with Dr. Kirleen Neely

I had the great honor of being asked to speak on Dr. Kirleen Neely's Podcast, "Drop the BS" this month about the pressure we are putting on our children to achieve. It was prompted by the recent cheating scandal for university admission.

Are We Killing Our Teems With Achievement Podcast (LISTEN HERE)

As a parent, I think one of our greatest fears is that we’ll mess our kids up in one way or another. The pressure to give them every advantage and to do things better than our parents did is real. The recent college admissions scandal illuminated the lengths to which some parents will go to give their kids the upper hand. The debate is out on whether chasing achievement is making our kids better or worse. In this episode of Drop the BS Podcast, we are looking at the pressure teens face to succeed and the role that parents and colleges play. To help me dissect this topic, Dana Reeder of Reeder Consulting: College & Career Paths joined the show. Dana is the CEO of the number one career counseling company in San Antonio, Texas.

Resources/ Things Mentioned During The Show: Drop The BS Facebook Group Psychology Today Dana Reeder, Reeder Consulting Angst Indie Flix Documentary Aptitude Inventory Measurement Services (AIMS) Cheating Scandal

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