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Free Parent Seminar On Teen Anxiety and Self-Esteem

I only endorse people I've worked with professionally and Dr. Kirleen Neely is one of the best in her field. She was our mental health professional during the Angst viewing, a documentary on anxiety, we brought to San Antonio. She's an expert in her field and is passionate about helping youth who are experiencing stress and self-esteem issues.


Parents are often the first responders to their teens' panic attacks and self-esteem break downs but often do not have the tools to truly help them. Parents are left feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and searching the internet for answers. Even when teens are in therapy or on medication, parents still need tools to feel equipped to deal with a breakdown. This series of FREE workshops are designed to take the stress out of parenting anxious teens.

Parents Will Learn:

+ How to know if your teen has an anxiety disorder or is just anxious?

+ What are effective tools parents can use to help teens decrease anxiety and improve self-esteem?

+ How do you know when it’s time to seek professional counseling or get medication?

+ Opportunity to ask licensed professionals your questions.

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