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The #1 Aptitude & Career Counseling

Company in San Antonio, TX,

Working with Clients Throughout the US.

As a specialist in the career development field working with clients in

all 50 states, we are passionate about helping individuals process 

information, engage in meaningful conversations, and give clarity to the stress of career decisions. 


We created a Comprehensive Career Exploration Approach which has made us THE #1 Career Counseling company in San Antonio and throughout the US. 


Reeder Consulting was selected as the 2020 National Association of Women Business Owners Rising Star award out of almost 100 submissions based on the enormous success throughout the years and the contributions to the educational community. 


Families continue to return to Reeder Consulting with each child and share their experiences with other families.

We are committed to being different.

We are committed to being the best.

We are committed to each person we work with which includes:  


  • ​​​high school students deciding on the next steps

  • college-level individuals prepare for careers

  • transitioning adults  


"The testing was very insightful however what really made it great was having you walk me through the analysis.  The walkthrough was a critical piece for me.  Just having raw data was not enough.  I really needed the chance to have someone help me understand the data, allow me to ask questions and point me in a direction. Anyone I run across who needs help I will definitely send your way.  While there are lots of tests and assessments and "career counselors", no one provided what you provided.  I did not understand how valuable your services are until I was desperate and saw no path forward.  If I had only understood then what I know now.  Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you have immensely helped someone, me, in a desperate time."

Adult Professional, Greencastle, Pennsylvania

"I am so thankful that I was fortunate enough to spend time with you.  You are such a blessing and have such a big heart to help others and it shines through your careful work. You are like a surgeon of the soul.  I admire what you do.   It has been so incredibly helpful. I feel so relieved that I now have true direction."

Transitioning Professional, San Antonio, Texas

"Where do I start?  I was close to tears so many times during our session.  Thank you doesn’t even come close to what I want to say.  Tears of gratitude for the insight, opportunities and relief that there is in your guidance and process.  Enlightenment as literally feeling paths emerging as we talked…feeling my son has a sense of hope.  That there are careers he not only would be good at but is EXCITED about.  Where he could feel useful.  He said to me when we were finished with our session, “Mom, for the first time I can see where I might fit.  I was really worried I wouldn’t fit in the world.”  Dana, you seriously have a gift.  It’s your methodology, combined with your personality and delivery which makes it feel do-able and fun.  Everyone needs to know what you do.  I will forever be grateful."

Mother, San Francisco, California

"I want to thank you so much for meeting with me today. The information and resources you provided are so valuable. I now feel like I have my "launching point" to begin my job search.  You are obviously gifted at what you do and you know your stuff - and you're also just a neat person I'm glad I met. I will definitely keep in touch!"

Mother, Reentering Career, San Antonio, Texas

"When my mom mentioned Reeder Consulting I was reluctant but knew I needed to try something to quiet the noise in my life.  Had I not gone to Reeder Consulting, I can honestly say I would be a wreak.  I was able to see the best careers for me, the variety of options and explanations as to why the career fields chosen for me were good matches.  She not only gave me insight as to what I should be but also inspired me on what I want to be."

UTSA College Student

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of the assistance you provided.  While I had an idea of what I wanted to do, your process provided me that additional reassurance that I needed to proceed.  Now I know almost 100% that this is the right path that I'm taking.  Thank you for the wonderful goodies.  I have the decor on my desk that I read each day:  " Dream Big."  I appreciate you!"

Adult, Fredericksburg, Texas

"If you have a HS student that is not sure where their future may lead them I have a recommendation. I recently invested in an aptitude/personality testing for my son. I have to say that is the best investment of time and money I have ever spent. The process was clear and the results gave us insight as to the careers he would not only be happy in but successful based on his overall being. If you are in the same place we were in I highly recommend you reach out to Dana Reeder for a conversation." 

Parent, Schertz, Texas

This is a vital service.  Anyone who has had to help their children navigate the competitiveness of the current college admissions process or guide them towards what they are good at doing will tell you how difficult it is.  Dana brings process, data and honest feedback to the table which leads to you making better-informed decisions.  The ROI is well worth the investment.

Parent, San Antonio, Texas

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