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Client Comments:


“I wanted to thank you for guiding our family in the right direction a few years ago, when you conducted an evaluation on our daughter. Your evaluation guided her to strategically consider colleges based on her passions, interests, and career goals. This week, she found out that she was part of the small percentage that was accepted into Yale Early Acceptance. I can honestly say that your evaluation provided the much needed direction.”



"I wish I could give Reeder Consulting more than five stars! Our youngest son is finishing up his associate degree and was uncertain of his future career path that would ultimately assist him with determining his college major and his next two years of study.

It’s hard for some young adults to know how to properly invest in their future when they are not certain of their skills, abilities, passion, etc. Our son was essentially in limbo trying to determine his next steps.

We reached out to Reeder Consulting and learned more about their services, and we were incredibly impressed with Dana Reeder’s professionalism and desire to help our son. Our son initially was not interested in this process as he thought it was just going to be your standard testing that provided standard results which he had done several times previously.

We came to understand Reeder Consulting’s systematic approach and extensive evaluations that opened our son’s eyes to a well-thought-out career path.

So now, instead of spending time studying courses that would not line up with his skillset, he now has a very detailed roadmap of a career course that is personally tailored to fit him. This is not a cookie-cutter system they use – it is intentional and thorough. His results made him realize there are majors that he hadn’t even thought of previously that are now front and center for his upcoming curriculum.

Prior to writing this review, I asked my son if he felt this process had value and he unequivocally said “YES”! He thought Dana was fantastic to work with and he felt “heard” and “seen”.

We would recommend Reeder Consulting to any student and/or professional looking to evaluate their goals and objectives. I only wish they would have had this offering while I was in high school. It’s a worthwhile investment for yourself or your child!"

Parent, Broken Arrow, OK

"I know it has been a very long time since I've reached out but I thought of you recently. I graduated from nursing school in May and I just got hired at the local hospital a few weeks ago!!!! I'll be taking the NCLEX licensing exam this summer and will be starting my job at the end of this month. I'm so excited! It was nearly 5 years ago when you helped me to sort out my career goals as I transitioned from being a stay-at-home mom. I just wanted to say thank you again for helping me during that time. I think I already knew in my gut that nursing was the right choice for me, but your guidance really helped me to feel comfortable with my decision and to feel confident that I could do this. You have a special gift in your ability to help people to uncover their potential and to find the courage to take that next step. I wish you much-continued success, Dana!"

Adult, California

"Thank you so much for the help and guidance you gave my daughter. I just wanted to let you know that she will be attending Georgia Tech this fall to study Biomedical Engineering. Neither the school nor the major were on her radar before we visited you. My child was overwhelmed, confused, and stressed out. If you remember, she was in tears at our visit. Your testing helped her focus on her strengths and narrow her choices significantly. She would not have considered Georgia Tech or Biomedical Engineering if we hadn’t met with you and now I can’t imagine her studying anything else. It is such a perfect fit for her and the opportunities she will have at GT in that major are just unbelievable. She is so excited. She was accepted into an LLC and plans to begin a research fellowship at Emory during her first year!!!! I have to pinch myself and my husband can’t stop smiling. We are over the moon. Thank you!"

Parent, San Antonio, Texas

"Thank you so much for our session last week.  I found it very helpful and insightful.  I am now letting things set in and trying to figure out whaI want to focus on first.  But I am excited about the possibilities.  You truly have a gift and I am very grateful.  I will keep in touch!"

Adult, Boerne, Texas

"The testing was very insightful however what really made it great was having you walk me through the analysis.  The walkthrough was a critical piece for me.  Just having raw data was not enough.  I really needed the chance to have someone help me understand the data, allow me to ask questions and point me in a direction. Anyone I run across who needs help I will definitely send your way.  While there are lots of tests and assessments and "career counselors", no one provided what you provided.  I did not understand how valuable your services are until I was desperate and saw no path forward.  If I had only understood then what I know now.  Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you have immensely helped someone, me, in a desperate time."

Adult Professional, Greencastle, Pennsylvania

"I am so thankful that I was fortunate enough to spend time with you.  You are such a blessing and have such a big heart to help others and it shines through your careful work. You are like a surgeon of the soul.  I admire what you do.   It has been so incredibly helpful. I feel so relieved that I now have true direction."

Transitioning Adult, San Antonio, Texas

"Where do I start?  I was close to tears so many times during our session.  Thank you doesn’t even come close to what I want to say.  Tears of gratitude for the insight, opportunities, and relief that there is in your guidance and process.  Enlightenment as literally feeling paths emerging as we talked…feeling my son has a sense of hope.  That there are careers he not only would be good at but is EXCITED about.  Where he could feel useful.  He said to me when we were finished with our session, “Mom, for the first time I can see where I might fit.  I was really worried I wouldn’t fit in the world.”  Dana, you seriously have a gift.  It’s your methodology, combined with your personality and delivery which makes it feel do-able and fun.  Everyone needs to know what you do.  I will forever be grateful."

Parent, San Francisco, California


If you have a HS student that is not sure where their future may lead them I have a recommendation. I recently invested in an aptitude/personality testing for my son. I have to say that is the best investment of time and money I have ever spent. The process was clear and the results gave us insight as to the careers he would not only be happy in but successful based on his overall being. If you are in the same place we were in I highly recommend you reach out to Dana Reeder for a conversation. 

Parent, Schertz, Texas


I want to thank you SO much for meeting with me today. The information and resources you provided are so valuable. I now feel like I have my "launching point" to begin my job search. You are obviously gifted at what you do and you know your stuff - and you're also just a neat person I'm glad I met.

Mother Reentering Career, San Antonio, Texas


I will definitely keep in touch!

This is a vital service.  Anyone who has had to help their children navigate the competitiveness of the current college admissions process or guide them towards what they are good at doing will tell you how difficult it is.  Dana brings process, data and honest feedback to the table which leads to you making better-informed decisions.  The ROI is well worth the investment.

Parent, San Antonio, Texas


Reeder Consulting is an excellent, detail-oriented company that works with you on a personal level. From resume and cover letter tips, interviewing help, getting my name out to people and companies, and general advice, Dana Reeder at Reeder Consulting has thought of everything in my job search process. She has pushed me out of my comfort zone, and I am forever grateful for that. Reeder Consulting has narrowed my focus and helped me find people and companies to apply with that I could not have on my own. Dana Reeder instills a confidence in you that no one else can. I highly recommend this company to everyone I know.

Graduate Student, The University of Mississippi


I highly recommend Dana Reeder. Dana offered incredible insight into how my brain processes information and perceives the world. I started working with Dana in June 2017, applied to graduate school in the same month, the program announced my acceptance in July 2017, and school starts August 2017. Dana guided me toward a degree plan that perfectly matches my personality and aptitude strengths. I never dreamed the application process could be so simple--the great power of knowing your strengths and capitalizing on them.

Stay at Home Mother, Houston, Texas


Mrs. Dana Reeder is a wonderful, dedicated consultant whose passion is making sure you find your career (or passion) in life. She will get you started on the right path, as well as continuing to help you through the possess of choosing the right career for you. She spends sufficient time with you and goes into detail about your strengths, weaknesses, and interests.

Professional Transitioning, San Antonio, Texas


Dana went above and beyond helping me discover my strengths and likes. As a retired full-time mother, I have felt out of touch with my own identity for a while. Dana has helped me put the pieces together so I can move forward with a plan for self-discovery, learning, and contribution to others. Thank you, Dana! Your service has been a life-changer for me!!

Westport, Connecticut


I've known Dana for about 2 years and we connected immediately. She is so passionate about what she does. I waited until my daughter was a sophomore before having her meet with Dana and go through the assessment testing.  Dana cares so much about helping people be successful...the time and consideration she takes with each of her clients is priceless. After taking the series of tests, my husband, daughter and I all met with Dana to review the results. It was a huge affirmation for my daughter to recognize that the direction she is heading is totally on point with not only her interests and social skills but the defining piece that is so often missed is that the aptitudes all matched up as well. Then to be able to move beyond just the black and white of the results is the tool that my daughter now has available to her for the next 10 years!!!! She can go in at any time and research different career opportunities, learn pay scales, how fast that particular career is growing in a certain area of the country, what a typical day is like, etc. The information and data are endless...truly amazing. Dana is so warm and inviting there is no judgment, just revelation, and appreciation for "Knowledge is Power" and anything we can do to help our children to become more successful adults is a blessing in my book. I highly recommend Dana and Reeder Consulting. She is one in a million!

Sophomore Parent, O'Connor High School, Helotes, Texas


My first job out of college did not really fulfill me, so I needed to make a change. I knew what I thought I would be good at and enjoy doing but Dana and her career consulting did an amazing job of solidifying my decision. With her guidance and help, I was able to land an amazing job doing what I love! I am so glad I used Reeder Consulting and I would strongly encourage anyone who is wondering about what kind of career they would enjoy to utilize her. She makes it fun and easy to get a sense of what you are good at doing.

Graduate, Texas A&M University 


Dana Reeder with Reeder Consulting did a fabulous job counseling and motivating my son after he took the aptitude, MBTI and interest inventory tests she offers. Her personal, individual attention is what is missing from what the public schools are able to offer. Additionally, she is terrific in providing direction to established professionals who are at a career crossroads. Applying for a job is very different now than it was 20 years ago. She has all the current info!

Senior Parent, MacArthur High School, San Antonio, Texas


Reeder Consulting is a gem in the heart of Texas!!  As a rising high school senior, my daughter took the assessment tests and was greatly encouraged by the results.  She received confirmation of her God-given gifts and learned about new experiences that would enhance her interests.  Dana has a spirited passion when she conveys the results to her clients, and she uses such a familiar, one-on-one technique during the consultation that it brought my daughter to tears…happy tears!  What a joy to learn about career choices and college experiences that will fulfill her inner needs.  Dana offers a current, applicable tool that will help her clients succeed to their highest goals.  Though many good tests are out there, it is the assessment and interpretation that holds the value.  Dana is highly adept at giving each client the keys to the doors of their success.

Senior Parent, Cornerstone Christian School, San Angelo, Texas 


I was discouraged and defeated when I first reached out to Dana Lofties Reeder. She embraced me warmly and listened to my concerns and fears as if she were a life-long friend.   I knew immediately that I could trust Dana to be a close confidant and consultant as I explored new career opportunities.  Dana recommended the MBTI and the Strong Interest Inventory which validated what I knew about myself and assisted me in identifying the career fields that best matched my personality and skill set.  Dana helped me to recognize my experiences and talents as valuable assets that a future employer would be happy to work with.

Administrator, Public School in San Antonio


Ms. Reeder came to Martin Luther King Academy and spoke to our 5th through 8th-grade students.  Ms. Reeder was extremely patient and did an amazing job of keeping their attention while also providing them with valuable information for their future.  All of our students took something from her presentation and experiences.  They really enjoyed taking the assessment and learning about themselves.  Ms. Reeder was fantastic to work with!

Angela Marzak, City Year San Antonio


Thank you so much for all the information you have shared with me about me! It has helped me so much in verifying what I want to do when I am older and the Myers-Briggs has helped me understand my personality as well.

Junior, Churchill High School, San Antonio, Texas


During the winter break of my senior year in college, I began assessing opportunities for my postgraduate career. Hours of research and self-reflection later, I found myself more confused than when I began. Thankfully, a dear friend put me in touch with Dana at Reeder Consulting. After only two tests and a Skype conversation to discuss my results, I discovered personality characteristics I had never bothered to label before and what implications those characteristics have on my job preference, work habits, and ability to work with peers. I learned with a plan and the right tools, even a Political Science major can pursue a career in nutrition. I am so grateful for the work Dana has done for me and could not be more confident about graduating in a few short months. The world needs more Danas!

Senior, Santa Clara University, California


The information really opened my eyes to different career and college opportunities that I really never even thought of. Thanks for hopefully making an enjoyable career and college experience tangible.

Junior, Churchill High School, San Antonio, Texas


Dana has been an invaluable resource for me as I start a new phase in my life.  As a military spouse and stay-at-home mom who is ready to re-enter the workforce, she has helped me understand my personality and natural strengths in a way that validates my ambition to apply to Nursing School.  Dana was also fantastic in helping me refine my resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn account so that I can present myself most effectively.  Dana is the perfect combination of heartfelt compassion and professional expertise.  I am so excited for this next step in my life and I feel Dana has truly helped me "Proceed With Confidence".

Military Spouse, Paso Robles, California


When it seemed my son, a high school senior, was feeling lost in his career and college choices, we looked to Reeder Consulting. I cannot say how helpful Reeder Consulting has been for my son. The pressure on high school and college students is tremendous. Although he was successful in his AP and other classes, he felt overwhelmed, especially when it seemed to him that all his friends knew what they were doing. His high school guidance department used Naviance, which was okay but not as helpful as it should be. Without a counselor who knows him and can spend the time to interpret the results, he still felt lost. It is this one-on-one assessment and interpretation that makes Reeder Consulting unique. It was exactly what my son needed. It gave him a clearer idea of his best choices for choosing colleges and area of study. After his first session with Dana, he said, "That was cool. How does someone who doesn't really know me, know my inner thoughts so well?"

Senior Parent, Broadneck High School, Arnold, Maryland


This experience was life-changing.  I had no idea what I wanted to do as I start college this year.  Learning about my personality and what kind of work environment is best for me really helped.  Mrs. Reeder was patient, caring and had so much experience herself to share with me about options I never considered because she has worked in every industry so doesn't just talk theory.  Thank you so much for lifting the weight off my shoulders.

Senior, O'Connor High School, Helotes, Texas


Had an absolutely great experience with Dana coaching our youngest before she starts out to college. The tests were very revealing in themselves, but her ability to translate the results into real-world possibilities was icing on the cake. She gave our daughter, and us a lot to consider and we look forward to Dana helping her further in follow-up discussions. Bottom line...Dana helped relieve a lot of student (and parental) anxiety during a time of personal stress. Thanks so much, Dana and Reeder Consulting!

Senior Parent, Northridge High School, Layton, Utah


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