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How Am I Built?


Each of us is made up of a combination of innate qualities, or aptitudes. Think of it as our hard-wired potential. Some people call these talents or strengths. Aptitudes reflect how quickly and easily one can learn skills and abilities in particular areas. When we say that aptitudes are natural abilities, we mean that they do not seem to be acquired simply through training or experience. Anyone can improve with practice, but one’s speed and ease in improving are reflected in their aptitude level.


Having a high aptitude means it’s easy to learn tasks that rely on that aptitude, and once they do, they’ll be able to perform them faster and more accurately. Aptitudes can also reflect one's tendency to approach projects one way or another. Research shows that these aptitudes form a definable pattern and are stable by the age of 14.


Reeder Consulting is excited to provide aptitude testing which helps students:


  • Confidently set a direction for education and career success by engaging in an online, data-driven career discovery process.

  • Allows young adults to find the intersection of their aptitudes (what they do naturally well), interests (what they love to do) and career opportunities (what the job market needs).

  • Experience an assessment based on The Ball Foundation who has been researching and developing measures for aptitudes for more than 40 years


This is an invaluable resource for students and parents.


What Do I LOVE To Do?


The college landscape has changed dramatically.  The emphasis on questions asked of students implies they should know what they want to do for the rest of their lives in the 8th grade. That's a lot of pressure.

We provide one-on-one guidance to middle and high school students to help them navigate their path.  We help college students validate their decisions. And lastly, we work with adults who are going through career and professional transitions.   


We explore options through the Strong Interest Inventory, a proven assessment that has been around for 90+ years and is the most respected and widely used career planning instrument in the world. The instrument:


  • Empowers students, from high school to college, to discover their true interests so they can expand and explore various career options or specific college majors that match those interests

  • Guides individuals currently in the job search process

  • Provides validation for individuals who are considering a "change of career" to more align with their interests


All with a report that provides a "roadmap" for the future.


At Reeder Consulting, the key to success is to plan what you want to do and work with your plan. We provide you the tools to do just that. We are your partner in helping your student find peace, with knowing who they are and opening their worldview to all that is possible for their future. 



Peace of mind is one of the best gifts you will EVER give to your young adult so they can...





Who Am I?


Knowing yourself requires great insight and understanding. Let us help you have an "aha!" experience by assessing how you approach work and day-to-day life.  


Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) has over 75 years of research giving the world insight about themselves and how they interact with others. A powerful tool for improving how they communicate, learn and work.




The MBTI assessment helps people identify their preferences on four dichotomies:


  • Extraversion or Introversion (focusing attention and getting energy)

  • Sensing or Intuition (taking in information)

  • Thinking or Feeling (making decisions)

  • Judging or Perceiving (dealing with the external world)


In addition, MBTI clients will learn:

  • How their type affects their career decision

  • How they prefer to work on tasks

  • Preferred & least desirable work environment

  • Best occupations for their type


Our Comprehensive
Assessment Approach
       we Created Includes:        $1,195:  Weekdays
  • Pre-Assessment Intake Evaluation

  • MBTI Personality Assessment

  • Interest Inventory Assessment

  • Aptitude Testing 

  • All Assessments/Tests Take at Home

  • One-on-One Guidance Session Lasting 2+ Hours 

  • 90-Page Personalized Report

  • Homework Assignment

  • One additional hour within one- year (1 in 1) follow-up meeting, if needed.  Homework must be completed before the follow-up session can be scheduled.

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