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College Debt Forgiveness Company in San Antonio

A few months ago I heard Christina Randell on the radio talking about how she helps individuals who have student debt. This week, I met her in person and was thrilled our paths crossed. Because I'm passionate about sharing resources, I wanted to educate my clients about her services. If you know someone who has student debt, share this information. They have an online calculator where debt can be entered to see eligibility for forgiveness.


The Purpose of My Education Solutions is to help clients live the life they dreamed of when they decided to advance their education. My Education Solutions provides financial wellness education and a proprietary calculator to help people make more informed decisions to reduce their student loan debt in the fastest and least expensive way.


My Education Solutions is a consumer advocacy organization and the leading national expert in Student Loan Forgiveness located in San Antonio, TX.

Over 2,000 successful clients have saved more than $150 million dollars and cut their repayment periods in half with My Education Solutions. Many clients were previously told they did not qualify for Student Loan Forgiveness yet because of My Education Soultions expertise they have successfully qualified and manage their programs.


My Education Solutions was founded from a servant’s heart of wanting to make significant changes in the lives of others. Over the years, they are honored to help clients accomplish their dreams of purchasing a home, getting married and starting their families.

They provide hope and guidance to those they touch.

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