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How We Differ From Other Testing Companies

When we speak to groups, whether parents or young adult's, we talk about how we differ from other career companies in Dallas and Houston. We want families to get solid insight into their young adults natural gifts, whether with us or with someone else. But we are different by design.

How We Differ:

  • Reeder Consulting doesn't just do personality and interest inventory assessments, we believe aptitude testing is the most important part of deciding on a career. It's a "three-legged stool" because one assessment or test is not enough. We feel all three have value, meaning and believe "information is power"

  • Our clients receive 90+ pages of personalized data including 4 different reports with career outcomes. We are thorough in our analysis of results before we even meet with the families

  • Our clients do not incur travel expenses to test, making the testing experience possible to anyone/anywhere/anytime. Our testing model makes it cheaper than other testing companies. We are committed to staying competitive

  • All testing is taken from the comfort of home when the individual is rested and able to engage. It's especially ideal for students with testing anxiety, ADD/ADHD

  • We have clients in all 50 states making our approach available to everyone throughout the US

  • Unlike other aptitude testing companies, our clients do not need to be "college-bound" to engage. There are career pathways for everyone

  • We commit up to 4 hours for each client review session and a follow-up session, if needed. One-hour, like our competition, is not enough time. Our young adults have too much on their minds and deserve one-on-one counseling to processes this chapter in their lives.

We take what we do very serious and our clients continue to share how working with Reeder Consulting in career exploration is helping them find their path.

Testimonials (Read More Here) help give others insight into the experience our clients have shared.

Keller, Texas Family

Mother's Testimonial:

"Thank you so much for all the time, expertise and compassion you gave to our daughter. You nailed her personality and gave her confidence in the college/major process. We engaged with the aptitude company in Dallas and left frustrated which is why we reached out to you so we speak from experience and understand the differences. Reeder Consulting is incredible because you spent more than double the amount of time interpreting her results and meeting with us. It's obvious, you specialize in career development and we are lucky we were referred to you. Thank you!"

High School Jr. Daughter's Testimonial:

"Dear Mrs. Reeder,

I cannot thank you enough for your immense time, effort and patience in guiding me through the career decision process. I feel a new excitement about my future, thanks to you!

P.S. You hit each career, trait and personality spot on!

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