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Texas State Distinguished Scholarship

Texas State University is expanding its scholarship offerings with the introduction of the Texas State Distinguished Scholarship. This new scholarship will be awarded beginning in fall 2019 to high-achieving incoming freshmen and expands the financial support we can provide. This expansion of their assured scholarships represents an $8 million commitment by the university to future students over the four years the scholarship would be awarded.

The Distinguished Scholarship award amount ranges from $6,000 to $10,000 ($1,500 to $2,500 per year). The scholarships are guaranteed to all qualified students and are renewable for four years. The new scholarship broadens the university’s assured scholarship opportunities, which also include the President’s Honor and Achievement Scholarships. Assured scholarships are awarded to incoming freshmen based on their academic credentials, including class rank and test score.

They want to spread the word about this opportunity and encourage potential recipients to apply or finish their application. Students who are already admitted and meet the criteria will be (or already have been) notified.

For full details on all of Texas State’s scholarships, including the criteria for the assured scholarships, please visit their Financial Aid and Scholarships webpage.

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