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"What Am I Going To Do With My Life?" WATCH Webinar

Last month, we were honored to be part of 15 experts talking about different college and career topics facing our youth through a virtual summit. Families have for years trusted Reeder Consulting to help their children find pathways that are right for them. We hear all the time, "Well, they won't listen to us!" The power of working with a specialist in the career development field and investing in formal career exploration allows young adults to hear from a professional who cares about them and wants the decision to be theirs. We validate their thoughts and concerns. We give clarity to what they believe is reality (which oftentimes it's not), and we take a comprehensive approach which makes what we do unique and powerful.

Career exploration is not a quick fix. It's not an hour conversation. It is not a test. Our teens are under enormous stress and they want to make informed decisions. They crave time to talk about...them! It's why we are seeing client sessions go into the 3+ hour, sometimes 4. We know working with us is an investment. We do not take this lightly. And we are committed to our young adults. We see one client a day because they deserve our full attention. The way we work with our clients is different from anyone else that we know of. It's why we have been so successful.

So our gift to you this month, is the FREE Virtual Summit talking about why we are so passionate about what we do and how we help families. We hope you will share with family and friends. Thank you to all of our clients who continue to validate the impact we make on their families. It's our honor.

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