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ZeeMee: A Platform for Prospective Students to Highlight Themselves, Meet Fellow Students & Sel

I first heard of ZeeMee about 2 years ago at a conference where they presented. At the time, their focus was allowing students a platform to upload videos to their college application so admission professionals could see the personal side of who they were. They believe, which I 100% agree with, students are more than a class ranking, SAT/ACT score or GPA. They are more than a number and the videos allow the opportunity for a high school student to shine.

This week I met Adam Metcalf, Co-Founder of ZeeMee at the Texas Association of College Admission Counseling conference in Dallas and we had a fantastic conversation. Adam was a former high school teacher and is passionate about creating a platform where students can show colleges who they are which have had significant results in college consideration. In this video, Adam talks in-depth about why he believes ZeeMee matters. The video college submission still exists and more colleges are accepting this as part of the student's application package.

More recently they have expanded to a mobile app where colleges and current college students engage with prospective students. They engage thousands of students currently chatting in the college communities they are considering to learn more about the university. They are also harnessing the power of peer to peer influences through videos to help make decisions to see if a campus/university is right for them. 30% of students responded that other students they met in the ZeeMee Community influenced their decision to enroll at that campus.

Think about taking a college tour. You get insight from the admission person which is always positive. The ZeeMee Community allows secure interactions with individuals taking control of the narrative to share their campus story because college visits are viewed as the single most important factor for generating prospective student engagement and affinity. Through the ZeeMee app, students reach the same level of engagement as if they have actually visited the campus.

It's another tool in the toolkit but if you engage with a college, make sure you are engaging. This interaction could be viewed as another "touch point" for colleges to make decisions about your level of interest, hence acceptance.

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