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YouVisit: College Virtual Tours

Have you ever wanted to visit a college, but aren’t able to? Or, would you like to have the experience of campus tours without having to commit to visiting the college in-person? Getting this experience virtually is now possible. YouVisit, the leading virtual campus tour provider for over 700 colleges and universities is a great option to help get insight into a university you are considering.

YouVisit has already hosted 5 million virtual tours, making first-hand perspective of college campuses accessible to millions of students. YouVisit’s mission is “to inspire, motivate, and help students from all backgrounds find the right college as they get immersed in the technologies of the future.” YouVisit’s tours eliminate the cost and time barriers to seeing what colleges are really like, and help level the playing field for all students to make informed decisions at this crucial point in their educational path.

From your phone or laptop, YouVisit allows you to wander around campus grounds, sit in on classes, scope out the science labs, and even peek into real dorm rooms and dining halls. Certain tours are also offered in Mandarin, Spanish, and other languages for international students and parents.

Although we fully support platforms such as this, it does not replace final decisions. You must visit a campus to determine if it's right for you. Happy Touring!

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