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Summer Reading Skills Program

Consistently, our young adults are not reading anymore. This is due directly to their online lifestyles and devices. Vocabulary is low as we witness this through aptitude results however it directly relates to academic success in college.

Since 1970, the Institute of Reading Development has been dedicated to one thing: making reading a central, vital part of life for children and adults. They offer programs that give students of all ages the skills they need to immerse themselves in great books and develop a lifelong love of reading. In partnership with over 100 colleges, universities and other educational organizations nationwide, they've taught valuable reading skills to nearly three million students.I can personally attest to their impact.

As a result of their unique mission and extensive experience, their current reading programs stand out from any other educational program available. Their ‘Inspiring Instruction’ brings together a continuously updated curriculum, the best books, and excellent, highly trained teachers with a passion for books and reading. This one-of-a-kind combination produces noticeable results and turns students into enthusiastic readers set up for success in school and beyond. In fact, it is the overall impact of their instruction that will really inspire your child.

To learn about programs for 4-year-old through adults, either in a classroom or online, click here.

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