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The Upstanders: Documentary on Bullying

Almost a year ago, Reeder Consulting, along with community partners brought Angst, a documentary focused on expanding the conversation about the alarming rate of anxiety in our young adults. Within my practice, as well as all of my therapist friends and college counselors I know, continue to see more and more young adults struggling. This four month labor of love resulted in 10+ Angst viewings in schools within San Antonio to students, families and staff with more on the books for this school year. Angst has been viewed close to 3200 times in 1800 communities, spanning 23 countries. We are thrilled and thank all of the school districts who have taken on this tough topic!

During the planning of Angst, I remembered a story of a San Antonio family who lost their son to bullying and for some reason felt I needed to reach out, hoping they would be willing to talk with IndieFlix about their story as I was aware of the planning for the new documentary. I did not know them but asked the committee if anyone knew them and that is how the connection happened. They graciously agreed to have lunch with me and Scilla Andreen, the CEO of IndieFlix. It was truly my honor to meet them and am in awe of their strength, determination and grace.

As a result of this meeting, their story resonated so much with IndieFlix they are featured in this new documentary, The Upstanders, which is planned for roll out in January. The focus of this documentary is to shine light on cyber-bullying, bullying among friends, families, co-workers and the brain science behind it all. The film also highlights new laws, specifically David's Law, which was driven by the Molak's experience with their son.

This topic affects every single young adult, at one point in time, especially because of our wonderful technology and social media. I hope schools make this documentary a priority. Watch the trailer here.

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