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NEW Podcast Launched: "What's Your Career Story?"

I had the brilliant idea to begin a podcast because, let's be honest, I don't have enough to do! But I did it for a couple of reason's. The first is I encourage, with love and enthusiasm, my clients to do informational interviews with their top career selections. Sometimes, people don't know anyone in that field so this will be a resource for them to hear from some of the most in-demand career professionals.

Second, I hope this could be a resource for my educators for their students. I'm passionate about how can I give back? It was a promise I made with "the man upstairs" that if I was blessed with Reeder Consulting's success, I'd always see how I could add value to my community.

Lastly, and almost more selfishly, I LOVE hearing people's stories. It's one reason I love what I do because each person I'm honored to get to work with and know in-depth, is doing just that...sharing their story. And probably not much to people's surprise, I was always the person who would make instant friends with the person on a flight who sat next to me, having them at the end say, "I have no idea WHY I just told you all of that personal information?" To which I reassure them, "People say that to me all the time...I'm honored you trusted me."

As a result, I'm incredibly honored to have my first three guests included this month for you to hear. Because I'm all about being real, I welcome feedback as I get my feet under me so please be gentle with me. I am outside of my comfort zone and being very vulnerable, but also incredibly excited! If you know of someone who would be great for me to interview, please email me at As many of you have already heard from me, I'm looking for careers that are interesting, unique, changing, and "fascinating" so let me know if you'd like to join my show.

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