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Rock The Street, Wall Street

Since its inception in 2013, Rock The Street, Wall Street has inspired and equipped girls in the 10th-12th grade nationally with the skills to succeed financially throughout their lives and potentially pursue careers in finance.

Millennial women (35%) are more than three times as likely as their male peers (11%) to not have completely understood their financing options when applying to college. Today, women own over 2/3 of the college debt. Women represent 6% of the leaders in the financial services professions.

We lose girls at age nine in math in the U.S. This does not happen in Asian or Eastern European countries. This is a cultural issue, not a capability issue. Over 80% of public school teachers self-report they do not feel competent teaching financial literacy.

Girls learn about savings and investments, budgeting, the capital markets and their role in maintaining the welfare of their families and the economy, while simultaneously helping them see the real world application of the math content they learn in the classroom.

Their vision is to create a world where women are financially literate, independent and equally represented in the field of finance, all the way up to the C-suites. If we change who invests, we will change what we invest in.

The program offers girls college counseling, STEM skills training, financial coaching, first-time job mentoring and job shadowing. Their volunteers are financial professionals who can walk the talk and show how being personally financially responsible changes lives.

To find a location near you or to create a chapter, learn more here.

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