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Digital Date Night: FREE for YOU!

April marks our 5 year anniversary of Reeder Consulting: College & Career Paths. Statistics say 50% of small businesses fail in the first year and the number rises to almost 95% within the first five years. With all that is going on with the ongoing crisis, we are celebrating...remotely.

I wanted to provide a gift to all of our clients and eblast followers so this Digital Date Night from DateBox Club (See PDF Below) is from us to all of the individuals, especially parents/grandparents, who have made career exploration a priority. As you are held up in your homes, all over the US, we hope you enjoy a little quality time together. Please feel free to share with your friends and family.

Lastly, I am eternally grateful to all of our clients, in over 35 states through the blessing of Skype, who have allowed me the honor of working with you, your children, and grandchildren. I pray for all of my fellow small business owners during this incredibly challenging time. May you all stay healthy, safe and in high spirits.

Thank you for always supporting me and allowing me to live my dream.

Dana Lofties Reeder

If you want to do this date night with your entire family, simply divide the whole family into 2 teams. HAVE FUN!

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