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Free Scholarship Search and Application Platform

What is Going Merry?

Going Merry is a free scholarship application platform that helps make college affordable for all. Students can find and apply to scholarships directly from our website. Counselors can track and support their students’ applications. They are used by over 10,000 high schools across the US and thousands of scholarship providers, including the Rotary Club, Kiwanis, Hewlett Packard, Dell, and Sam's Club. The platform was created by a research project at Stanford University.

Here's what I like about them that is different from other scholarship websites:

1. They don't sell student data (HUGE difference)

2. Can apply directly, all in one place

3. They can check on the status of all of the scholarships they've applied to in one place

4. High School counselors have an account, if the school is using the platform, so they can track awards

This is all done in 3 easy steps:


- Create a profile: All sections are optional, but you will be matched based on your answers

STEP 2 (FINDING SCHOLARSHIPS) - September - October is when most scholarships have their deadlines!

- This is where you are able to identify scholarships that students are eligible to apply.

- Section includes scholarship names

- Amount the scholarships provide

- Deadline to apply

- How long it takes to fill out the application (I LOVE this option)

- If you can apply directly through Going Merry

- Has a filter option to help sort scholarships which is a great option

- Can identify if they are local scholarships: Normally have smaller applicant pool and higher rate of obtaining scholarship

- Look for scholarships that don't require essays (LOVE this as it's often the most time- consuming requirement)

- Identify scholarships that focus on Community Service

- And can sort by universities that have what scholarship aid


- Profile information is prepopulated, so you don't need to reenter over and over again! Within 30 seconds, 75% of the application is completed!

- Additional information is completed and answers submitted

- Can check status updates in the following categories

1. Under Review

2. You Won

3. Not Selected

- You will also get emails with status updates

Going Merry is a way to find hard to find scholarships AND apply to all in one place! It's a one stop shop.

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