Rice University ELITE Tech Summer Camp

We want to share with you a new virtual pre-college engineering summer program in the School of Engineering at Rice University. The Rice Center for Engineering Leadership is proud to announce the launch of Rice ELITE Tech, a virtual summer camp experience from Rice University. Rice ELITE Tech offers high school students an inside look at how to use and/or develop cutting-edge technologies and techniques (e.g., artificial intelligence, internet of things, Python coding, R coding, 3D modeling and 3D printing, data analytics, machine learning, etc.). Rice ELITE Tech has four key components that make it a unique STEM camp:

  • Tech courses on cutting-edge technologies (e.g., machine learning, human spaceflight, internet of things, 3D printing and modeling, etc.)

  • Engineering problem solving using coding (e.g., Python, R, C++)

  • Engineering leadership training

  • Information about engineering majors and how a student can choose the right one

We know this summer will look different for our kids, and we hope that by putting top faculty, researchers, staff, and students in front of them, Rice ELITE Tech can offer your students an exciting escape into advanced technologies and learning, while acquiring real skills to differentiate their future college applications. Rice ELITE Tech camps begin July 6 and run through mid-August!

Registration for Rice ELITE Tech is now live!

Rice ELITE Camp is the premier pre-college engineering summer program for high school students, with a unique focus on preparing young people to be tomorrow’s leaders in technology and engineering. Created and managed by engineering faculty from the Rice University School of Engineering and the Rice Center for Engineering Leadership (RCEL), the Rice ELITE Camp is a one-of-a-kind summer experience for high school students. The virtual edition - Rice ELITE Tech Camp - focuses on a vigorous technology track, supplemented by college and engineering leadership preparation components. Students will participate in intensive live, asynchronous, and self-paced science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) learning activities, while learning to apply the engineering design process to solve real world problems. One-week sessions include hands-on curriculum allowing ELITE Tech students to employ technical, scientific, and/or analytical concepts.

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