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Dream of Living in NYC? A Great Housing Resource for Young Women

My motto has always been, "When I learn something, I share it." A year ago, my oldest daughter was offered a position in NYC. Like any normal mother, my immediate concern became, "Where in the world are you going to live?", "Will you be safe?", " HOW is this all going to work?" Thank Goodness, I share my fears with my girlfriends who had daughters currently living in the city and one had a brilliant resource, The Webster Apartments, a woman-only concept. The Webster is owned by the Macy's family to help young women transition successfully to the city, allowing them to live up to 5-years in these apartments and provide an immediate community of women who are excited to be in NYC.

I have many clients who share their dream to live in The Big Apple. Some want to attend a university, some are theatre-bound, and some dream of working in the financial district. As everyone knows, NYC is one of the most expensive places in the US to live. But back in the 1920's, a concept was created with about 10 of these women-only apartments existing in the city. Now only about two are left. Funny enough, my mother who was from Long Island, moved into the city after HS and lived in one as well. Here's why The Webster is so amazing and why I'm creating a blog to share with others.

1. Your Room: You get a private room with a bed, sink, desk and chair, dresser and closet with a shared bathroom down the hall with a price based on your salary, or being a student at one of the local universities. Rates are listed here. However, an estimated rate is $750 bi-weekly.

2. What's Included: This is where I believe the real value exists. This building has 24-hour security, FREE laundry facilities onsite, ALL utilities including Wi-Fi, two free meals per day from an incredible dining facility plus a once-a-week room cleaning, non-COVID.

3. Meeting Spaces: Men are not allowed beyond the first floor for security purposes. The Webster has beautiful meeting spaces to provide plenty of places to gather which shows their attention to working to make this experience feel like home.

4. Lastly, THE best part: THE VIEW and Garden! I was shocked when I saw the residences get both a rooftop view AND a garden, in NYC! There is a direct view to The Empire State Building, a quick 1 block walk to the subway and incredible sunset views, all in Mid Manhattan.

Many believe moving to NYC is too expensive, hence not possible which is why I felt this gem should be shared. It allows young women to live in a beautiful space, with many amenities, low cost which allows money to be used for exploring and actually enjoying the city. Who knew?!


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