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FREE Bullying Presentations Available for New School Year

I'm honored to serve on the Board of Directors for David's Legacy Foundation where we are passionate about educating communities on the elimination of bullying, in all forms. As the school year gets underway, we want to make sure you know about our 2021-2022 program offerings for students and parents. This school year we are offering for FREE: STUDENT PRESENTATIONS Student presentations for all age groups, and are available virtual or in-person (in some locations). You provide us two date options and we do our best to accommodate your needs. Our 2021-22 student presentations have been updated to include the 2022 Texas Health TEKS relating to bullying and cyberbullying. A presentation for K-2nd has been added due to requests and will be available as of October 1st! Click here to schedule your student presentations. (The presentation request form is about halfway down the page.) PARENT PRESENTATIONS Parent presentations on cyberbullying are available to all schools and school districts as a co-sponsored event. The presentation is free to the school to co-host and free for parents to attend. Schools or organizations advertise the event with social media posts and flyers that are available for download. Parents register on our site, we host the presentation, and send everyone a participation certificate. Click here to see when parent presentations are offered and sign-up to co-host an event. CLASSROOM POSTERS & PLEDGE STICKERS We are also continuing to offer posters and pledge stickers to all schools at no cost. Orders are mailed out every Friday. Click here to see what is available and to place your order today. With gratitude for all you do to stop bullying in Texas!


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