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Have a Gap in Your Employment History? iRelaunch is for YOU!

iRelaunch is a career reentry consulting, training and events company focused on bringing professionals back into the workforce after an extended leave.

iRelaunch approaches this work from “both sides of the equation” - by providing tools and resources to best support the relauncher population looking to return to work and partnering closely with employers to create formal pathways back into the workforce for these grounded, educated, experienced, enthusiastic and dedicated professionals.

As the pioneering company in the career reentry space, they are at the forefront of innovation in returnship and return to work programming. Their years of experience and deep understanding of the relauncher pool and the employers looking to hire them puts them in a position to spot trends at an early stage and to influence their direction.

There have been three waves of return to work programming activity since return to work programs began in 2005, and they have been actively involved in each of them, starting in the very early stages. The first wave was driven by Wall Street and financial services, the second by tech-infused companies in a range of sectors, and they predict the third wave will be driven by the public sector, with the recently announced State of Utah’s returnship program leading the way.


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