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Madeline Reeder, MBA: Reeder Consulting's New Career Assessment Administrator

In February 2022, Madeline joined Reeder Consulting to assist clients who request weekend or evening sessions. Reeder Consulting has had incredible growth over the last seven years and Maddie was the perfect professional to join Dana because..she's her daughter. Maddie was the driving force behind Reeder Consulting's conception as it was obvious there was a major lack of formal career exploration occurring in high schools. Maddie has engaged in every career and aptitude testing that exists (not exactly but in her opinion and she is Dana's child) and served as an intern for Reeder Consulting at college nights and career presentations while in HS school as well as served as the marketing professional. Madeline attended Belmont University in Nashville obtaining a bachelor's degree in International Business with a minor in German. In 2020 she graduated with her MBA from Belmont, accomplishing her undergrad and graduate degree in 4 years...thanks to aptitude testing giving her a clear direction.

Maddie began working at 15 with her first job at Chick-fil-A. Little did she know that her first job would parlay into a long career with CFA including opening the Melrose Nashville location while completing her MBA and ultimately running the entire store during the pandemic with a staff of 120 people. She currently works as a Project Manager for a marketing firm in New York City. She is certified in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) and the Strong Interest Inventory®, as well as aptitude testing.

She has a passion for the professional development of people. Each client who gets to work with her will experience her authentic, compassionate and active listening skills that make her so special. She is the perfect addition to Reeder Consulting.


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