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Students of Service Summer Trips

Students of Service (SOS) develops young leaders who have a global perspective to solve local problems.

The programs combine meaningful local community service with informed international experiences.

​"We see a world in which all young people - no matter their background - believe in their power to make a positive difference in their communities and around the world.​"

SOS By the Numbers

Serve 2,500+ Students registered to volunteer 100,000+ hours served 75+ partner organizations 20 youth social entrepreneurs who started their own projects​ Virtual volunteering that can be done remotely

Explore 600+ travelers abroad 16 countries and counting 19 awesome trips so far ​Virtual Exchanges International Student Hosting

Since 2014, SOS has reached over 2,500 students, and 100 educators in over 50 local schools. By focusing on student leadership and global and cultural competencies, SOS is promoting empathy, citizenship, diversity, inclusion, and equity. The SOS experiential learning programs are authentic, relevant, and transformational, developing students as leaders in our community. These programs make students more prepared for college, career, and life in a global village, who are inspired to be engaged citizens at home who are making a difference at home, informed by a global perspective.

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