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The Southwest Airlines Destination 225° Program

On a compass rose, 225° is the southwest heading, and Southwest developed Destination 225° to lead aspiring pilots to Southwest Airlines®.

The Southwest Airlines Destination 225° Program includes various pathways to provide the opportunity to get you to the right seat of a Southwest® aircraft. Set your course for 225°

Destination 225° Pathways

You've possibly heard that there's the potential for a pilot shortage across the industry. The Destination 225° Program helps Southwest reduce their dependency on the open market by allowing them to train future pilots on how to fly... and, specifically, how to fly The Southwest Way. For participants, the program paves the way to a career at the nation's largest domestic carrier based on Passengers carried and regularly recognized among the best companies in the world and as a great place to work. Whether hired from the Destination 225° pathways or through the traditional process, they hold the Pilot accountable to Southwest standards. For more information on becoming a First Officer at Southwest Airlines, learn more about the standards. Through the Destination 225° Program, combined with their continued traditional hiring of First Officers, they aim for the most experienced, passionate, and well-trained aviators joining the Southwest Team.

University Partners include:

- Angelo State University

- Arizona State University

- University of Nebraska at Omaha Aviation Institute

- The University of Oklahoma

- Southeastern Oklahoma State University

- Texas Southern University

Learn More: Here

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