Test Optional Universities

This list includes institutions that are "test optional," "test flexible" or otherwise de-emphasize the use of standardized tests by making admissions decisions -- without using ACT or SAT scores -- for all or many applicants who recently graduated from U.S. high schools. As the endnotes indicate, some schools exempt students who meet minimum grade-point average or class rank criteria; others require SAT or ACT scores but use them only for placement purposes. Please check with the school's admissions office for details

The Real Challenges of a Career Path

When Reeder Consulting started 2 ½ years ago, I thought long and hard about a viewpoint which truly articulated the journey of finding a career. The “Path” resonated on so many different levels and on a challenging hike this month in Monteagle, Tennessee, I was brought back to how this truly defines the journey. Career paths can be a breeze with no challenges, just a nice flat surface. There are those unique individuals who have known their whole lives what they wanted to do. I have incredible respect for these individuals when I meet them. I think it’s a blessing but then don’t we learn so much from the struggles? For most, career paths are hard. They are full of uncertainty in questio

Three Pressure Buttons for HS Students

The summer serves as a stress-free oasis away from all of the responsibilities of high school. I know my freshman is in denial that in a couple of weeks the sleeping late, swimming, hanging with friends is O-V-E-R! But the stress that really faces the HS student is about to hit and it’s not the new school schedule or teachers, it’s the stress of dealing with their peers. The ones who seem to “believe” they have their lives ALL figured out. We often think families provide a majority of the stress of making career decisions but the reality is its other students. The ones who call off their class ranking as if it’s their phone number. The ones who have visited 15 campuses over the summer

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