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FREE Courses for Texans

Have you signed up for one of 5,000 free courses for Texans? If not, sign up now for FREE online learning and expand your career. In response to the unemployment surge earlier this year, the Texas Workforce Commission moved $10 million into a skills development fund. The state spent $1.7 million for everyone to have access to Metrix Learning. It has more than 5,000 courses.

Take the smart approach with the Career Pathways Portal.

- See the skills and certifications employers are looking for

- Take corresponding online courses

- Close your skill gaps and boost your job prospects

- Search for jobs

World-Class Online Courses

Skillsoft is the world's leader in e-learning courseware in Business, Desktop, and IT. Used by Fortune 500 companies to train internal staff, Skillsoft courses are recognized worldwide. View their catalog.


- Unlimited access to the full course catalog

- Training tracks for 100+ industry certifications

Add Certificates to Your Resume or LinkedIn

For courses you pass, receive certificates of completion validating your skills. Easily add these to your resume or LinkedIn profile.

The Metrix Learning platform delivers a convenient course experience.


- Career Pathways

- Training recommendations

- Badges and certificates of completion

- Accessible 24/7 from any computer with internet


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