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Interesting in Engineering at Texas A&M? Engineering Academies may be for YOU!

In April, I attended the yearly Texas Association of College Admission Counseling conference in San Antonio. As I’ve stated before, I don’t get students into colleges but it’s important I stay up to date on cool programs that exist at different universities. If you have a child interested in pursuing an engineering degree at A&M but maybe isn’t ready to venture to College Station, this article is for you!

The biggest group of students I work with want to study engineering at Texas A&M. In addition, the #1 school I work with students who are struggling is A&M. I never work with UT Austin students so when I learned about this program it made me excited to share. There are 22,000 engineering students at A&M with the expected enrollment to reach 25K. All classes at the following community college “academies” have less than 100 students which is ideal for new college students.

The Engineering Academy program is the first engineering transition program of its kind in the U.S. Unlike traditional transfer programs, students are Texas A&M University College of Engineering students from day one. This is a huge selling point for students and their parents, especially if they are Aggie alumni. Applications are due June 1 annually. However, you are encouraged to apply by the April 1 priority deadline.

In the Engineering Academy program students are co-enrolled with Texas A&M University and one of our partner community colleges. They take mathematics, science, and core curriculum courses through the community college while taking engineering courses from Texas A&M faculty on the community college campus. After one or two years, students transition to Texas A&M to complete their bachelor's degrees but must have a 3.2 GPA. Chevon is the financial supporter behind this innovative program.

The community colleges that partner with A&M include:

7. Tarrant County Community College – Newest one just added

This program is the perfect way for students to begin their engineering degree who want to stay at home, have smaller class sizes, cheaper classes, more hands-on learning, and free sponsored trips to College Station with guaranteed enrollment at Texas A&M!

Note: The Texas A&M University Office of Admissions selects students from the freshman applicant pool for the Texas A&M Engineering at Blinn in Bryan. Prospective students should follow all freshman application guidelines on the Office of Admissions website. Admitted students can find more enrollment information on the Texas A&M Engineering at Blinn website.


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