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Athletes & Mental Health: An Invaluable Resource

At Neely Counseling Center, they realize that athletes face several challenges to stay on top of their mental health and physical ability. That’s why they have partnered with Love Volleyball and AIRROSTI to develop a program to support your athlete’s approach to Performance, Recovery, AND Optimization in ONE Program.

How Does The PROP Clinic Work?

During the Clinic, they assist athletes in understanding how to warm up and recover from a workout. Athletes also participate in high-level team play to encourage Team-Building and Improve Motivation. NCC expose athletes to wellness exercises to help them work on the mental aspect of their game which includes Attentional Focus, Visualization, and Grounding

Performance Anxiety

Helping an athlete cope with the intense pressure that comes from the competition is tough. NCC can help athletes find ways to reduce performance anxiety and combat burnout.

Couch-Time Check-In

At NCC, the mission is to break the stigma associated with mental health. Why suffer in silence? An athlete’s mental health affects how they perform in the game. Address the small concerns before it becomes a problem. NCC provides counseling and coaching in a safe confidential environment.


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