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The first year of college is just one of many in the journey to a credential where students get stuck and leave an institution and higher ed altogether. It's one reason why there are 39 million Americans who have some college credit but no degree.

That's why this new partnership between Arizona State University, YouTube, and Crash Course is something to watch. Beginning in March, it will offer 4, seven-week courses, including English Comp, College Math, U.S. History, and Human Communication—the type of classes you'd find in the first year of college.

Students can watch course content on the Study Hall channel on YouTube for free. If they want to take the entire course through ASU, it's $25. To receive credit from ASU that could then transfer to other colleges, students pay $400.

This is not only a way for students to "try" college at a low cost, it's also a way for high school students to get a head start on college.


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