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STEM Female Leaders Virtual Summit: 9th-12th Grade Students

Summer 2024 Fellowship

The Athena Fellowship is a summer fellowship for ambitious young female students entering 9th through 12th grade in Fall 2024. The fellowship selects for self-motivated students who are passionate about making an impact in the world. Prior experience in STEM is not required, but students must demonstrate academic excellence, leadership capabilities, and self-discipline. The program ultimately seeks to identify and select students who demonstrate strong future potential in STEM.

The Summer 2024 Fellowship will take place from July 8th - August 2nd. The fellowship is a part-time online program, so students may join from anywhere around the world and participate alongside other summer programs and activities.

Fields of Study

Through the Athena Fellowship, students will dive deeper into the following fields of study, and have the opportunity to learn from mentors and instructors with a diverse range of backgrounds in:

Biology, Medicine & Healthcare

Computer Science & Engineering


Chemistry & Physics

Environmental Science

Additionally, students will learn how STEM can be applied to other interdisciplinary fields, such as business & entrepreneurship, and public policy.

Program Overview

During the Athena Fellowship, students will have access to an extensive range of resources and participate in live programming and events. The core of the program consists of the following series: STEM Horizons, Fireside Chats, Skill Development Workshops, and Career Panels. Each series is curated to introduce students to various academic disciplines, teach essential life skills, and provide tools for success in high school and beyond.

STEM Horizons

Through the STEM Horizons series, students will dive into a range of STEM subjects, from medicine to artificial intelligence, computational biology to aerospace engineering, and more. Students will learn from subject matter experts who will introduce potential career paths, research opportunities, and various tips and resources on how students can get started in a field.

Fireside Chats

The Fireside Chat series is where speakers share their personal journeys, life advice, and insights they wish they had known when they were at the age of students. All speakers are young women who can share practical and applicable advice. Students will see how speakers got to where they are today, and learn how they can embark on their own journeys.

Skill Development

Students will learn essential life skills, and discover techniques on how to effectively manage their time, enhance productivity, build habits, study efficiently, and more. These skills are invaluable for navigating high school, college, and beyond, and will remain with students throughout their lifetime.

Career Panel

During Career Panels, multiple guests are invited to share their career journeys, explaining practically what it looks like to pursue various careers. Students will learn the day-to-day responsibilities of different fields, and how to “break” into each, with practical advice on subjects like applying to and attending medical school, studying computer science and working in tech, and more.

Other Programming

In addition to the curriculum above, students will have access to a variety of other resources throughout the summer. Each week, students will have the opportunity to receive 1:1 mentorship through 'Office Hours,' meet other fellows through 'Coffee Chats,' and complete various deliverables designed to help them develop and practice core skills they learned throughout the week. There will also be other optional events and programming students may participate in. More detailed information is included in the program handbook sent to students once they are accepted into the program.

Program Mentors, Instructors, and Speakers

Mentors for the Athena Fellowship are accomplished young women at the forefront of STEM. Program mentors are recent college graduates and current or incoming undergraduates, so they are uniquely equipped to provide relevant and actionable advice for younger students. The goal of the fellowship is to show students where they can be in the next five to ten years, and equip with them the resources to excel in their own journey.

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