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Straight Talk About Safety: The Safe Parenting Summit

A few years ago I had the great honor of serving on the Board of Directors for the David's Legacy Foundation. Maurine Molak and her family/community/Board of Directors/free attorneys, etc. have changed the legislative landscape on cyber bullying in not only Texas, but throughout the US.

I'm also in many parent groups where monthly topics arise by frustrated parents on all of the below topics. This FREE virtual Parent Summit from May 6-10th, 2024 is designed for parents with kids from ages 2-16+ and will include 25+ experts over 5 days on:

  • Brain-Safe Parenting

  • Sexting & Consent

  • Online Safety

  • Predator & Trafficking Prevention

  • Risk-Appropriate Parenting

  • And so much more!

Parenting in todays world is no joke and the worries we feel are real. One of my mottos in life and professionally is, "Information is Power" and the focus of this summit is to "Break free of fear-based parenting"! In the spirit of honesty, I find myself, even with what I do, falling into the "fear" mode with my children. I also LOVE learning and Christy Keating, Founder & CEO of The Heartful Parent Collective is a criminal prosecutor turned PCI Certified Parent Coach, RETAIN Parental Leave Coach, Certified Positive Discipline Instructor, and many other contributions.

To Sign Up/Learn More: Visit The Safe Parenting Summit

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