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Target Will Now Pay for College Degrees at More Than 40 Schools

Target is rolling out a new employee benefit it hopes will help it stand out today's competitive hiring market: debt-free college education.

The retailer announced it will pay for college tuition, including textbooks and course fees, for all part-time and full-time employees in the U.S. Target joins a growing list of companies that have rolled out programs aimed at helping employees pay for undergraduate degrees.

Target says more than 340,000 employees will be able to enroll for free in courses for high school completion, college prep, English language learning, certifications, and associate and undergraduate degrees. Target will also pay up to $10,000 annually for master's programs within its approved network of schools.

The company has dubbed the new program "the most comprehensive debt-free education assistance program available in the retail industry."

  • All U.S. part-time and full-time team members will be eligible for debt-free undergraduate degrees, certificates, certifications, free textbooks and more with no out-of-pocket costs on their first day of work at Target

  • Debt-free offering will include an industry-leading 250 business-aligned programs from over 40 schools, colleges and universities; Target will also pay up to $10,000 annually for master’s programs

  • Target taking steps to eliminate student debt and promote equitable access to education for its team as part of Target Forward sustainability strategy


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